Saturday, May 30, 2009

a random Saturday

First up, gotta brag on Travis! He had his next to last T-ball game today. It was HIS best game ever. He had all GREAT hits. I mean really really good ones. He ran FAST and didn't get out not one time. And his fielding? Wow. He was shortstop one inning, and he made 2 of the outs and could have got the third out, but the coach said throw it to first base (he could have got the player out on second). He was a force to be reckoned with today I tell ya. He plays a GREAT shortstop. But his favorite position? Catcher. I was surprised by that, as it seems like a boring spot. But, he DOES the thrown the ball after every play so I guess it's full of action afterall. Oh and he was so excited even before the game began, because he got to play on the "big boy" field. His normal field was unavailable today due to a function at the school it is at, so he got to play at the park on one of the older team fields. All the kids were in awe of that. But that big boy field with its big fence that completely surronds it, made it tough for my picture taking!

One night this week, Riley would NOT sleep. He went to bed his normal time, seemed sleepy and tired but once left alone in his crib, just cried and cried. And it became apparent, he was not gonna sleep. I had some work to do from home, so I kind of had my hands full, and Jay was tied up doing something, and since he was sooooo full of energy, we put him in the bouncer, even though it was almost 10pm. he bounced and bounced, then got quiet. Hmmm wonder why?

Today, he got to try a biter biscuit for the first time. One lick and he was sold! I tasted it, and I wasn't very impressed, but he certainly was.

Look Ma! I can eat and play with my feet all at the same time!

If you look close, you can see those 2 little teeth peeking.

Straight to a bath from here!


Anonymous said...

It melts my heart to see these beautiful pictures and how well Riley is doing..tell Travis Mrs. Barbara loved his picture in his uniform....

Anonymous said...

It does my heart good to see Travis so into his game, and doing soooo well with it. He is sure to be a real "jock" as he grows up. Good for him, he should be really proud of himself! And Riley Bear, you sure "wear" your biscuit well. Glad to see he enjoyed it so much, and those little teeth sure are sweet.
Beautiful pictures and a great Saturday for you all.
Hugs to all, Dale

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

Yay for biter biscuits! Carter makes a mess with them too but it's so good to see him eat.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Travis! Mama is so proud of you! Baby those big smiles...yummy for biter biscuits! A big HUG for Travis and Riley. Love you both, Pauline


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