Monday, May 25, 2009

A long weekend in pictures...

It began like this:

Making baby food. I cooked up peas, green beans, butternut squash (lots and lots of that cause it's a pain to do), apples and peaches.

In addition to lots of yard work, there was a little bit of this:

see that face? He didn't stay in very long. The water is still way too cold. (you Rhode Islanders and's probably the temperature of your summer time water.)

He smiles good for an icicle!

GOTTA have watermelon!

Someone else thought it looked yummy as well

So mommy got brave and let him have a slurp of it. Which he LOVED. And got frantic about wanting more when the first slurp was done.

Modeling the new camo Granddaddy bought him

Ummmm we MAY have been making fun of him and his petite-ness

Can someone PLEASE make this child stop growing?! Ack!!!

On to the swings!

THIS picture cracked me up. Can you see why? (hint: look beside Travis)

Ginger lovin

Riley's latest food that he has tried (with the exception of the watermelon above), is apples. He LOVES apples. He will cry for them. And when they run out, and he's left to eat whatever is left, he will cry and not eat the other. So that means apples are served last. Apples (and the peaches too...) are quite yummy to cook... but wow am I lazy. I do not like peeling apples in bulk. There is a reason I rarely make homemade mashed potatoes and it would have EVERYTHING to do with the part about peeling the potatoes. So...I am now scouring the web for one of those apple peeler/corer things. Yes. I know. I'm lazy like I said. But I also know that a) favorite or not, I'm going to be making LOTS of applesauce and that's a lot of apples to peel and b) he absolutely no doubt about it can not get enough of it LOVES applesauce and if he loves it, I'm gonna make sure he has plenty of it, which leads us back to me having to peel lots and lots of apples :o)


Anonymous said...

Pictures speak louder than words...they are just adorable! Thanks for sharing. Love, Pauline

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

Now not only are the kids in sync, but so are the moms. I took pics of making baby food and was going to post them this week! I was wondering if they could have watermelon..glad to see Riley likes it, which means Carter will too! Travis is a very brave boy because that water looks COOOOOOLD. And I had to laugh out loud at Riley in the toy wagon.


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