Thursday, April 30, 2009

T-ball madness

The pictures of T-ball....CLICK ON THEM! they are actually short little videos. So click on each picture (unless your on dial up) and the video will play. So you should see FIVE short videos of Travis playing t-ball.

SO CLOSE!!! He ALMOST caught that one! (click on the picture)

(click on the picture)

(click on he picture)

On this him jump when I praise him...and then you hear his coach yell "Travis...good job" and he does another jump. He just THRIVES off the praise! (click on the picture)

(click on the picture)

Yes. I got carried away posting the videos. But I feel like I rarely have cool things to post of Travis and I wanted family to see how much he is just LOVING T-ball!! And he just LOVES when people come watch him play.

He is SUCH a good and happy and loving boy. I am just SO proud of him and he makes me more and more proud every day. I LOVE you Travis!!


Anonymous said...

Travis, I am just so proud of you and how well you are playing T-ball. Great Job! I need you to come and teach me some more on how to catch the ball...I think I need lots of practice! Love you Travis, give Riley a big Hug from Mama. Hugs, Mama

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Great videos!!! I so enjoyed the last two. He just looked soooo proud of himself, and he should be. GREAT PLAYING Travis, keep having fun!!!!! Brings back so many memories of when Danny was his age. Enjoy these moments, the time flies by quickly.
Hugs and High Five for Travis, Dale
Hugs and squeezes for Riley too!!!

Anonymous said...

Travis, you are playing so Great!!! Good for you. I enjoyed watching those videos of you. Love, Debbie and Gary


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