Thursday, April 16, 2009

So I think I'll just make the disclaimer now to expect ALL future posts to be picture heavy. I can't help it. I like taking pictures and I like showing pictures.

Mr Riley has been quite the busy body lately. He is into EVERYTHING he can get his hands on. If he is in your lap while your eating, prepare to have food grabbed and plates potentially flung on the floor.

Here, he is roughing up my magazine

And what is this grin for?

Because he thinks its HIS turn to play Nintendo DS!

Or maybe just hold Travis' hand

Travis has been busy busy playing T-ball. He just LOVES it. He was able to play first base at his last game. He did well with that.

Riley has decided he likes sleeping on his tummy and sacks out on the floor for a nap that way often now

Yesterday, we took a trip up to Duke for the afternoon. Just one of Riley's monthly checkups with his GI specialist.We got up there a bit early, and so walked over to the gardens to see all the pretty spring flowers. They were in full bloom, it was so pretty.

Jay sporting his Duke shirt....we are still embattled in a basketball debate!

LOTS of wisteria!

Whose that baby in the tree?

Oh how I love that face!

No babies were harmed or in danger in the making of any of these pictures, but one baby and mommy may have gotten a little bit dirty to get the shot!

The Old part of Duke

Time for his appointment

Waiting for the doctor

After his appointment,we had a little time to kill before going to see super nurse, we took him to see an old friend

Where I whispered in his ear "that thing right there saved your life"

The entire time we were up there, Jay and I both were in tears. Maybe one day, we won't have that same reaction. But at least we were strong enough to take him up there.

The appointment went ok. He was up 3 ounces on their scale, but its a different scale, so how much is a valid gain is difficult to say. He had not lost which is fantastic. His BMI (body mass index) is really low..which is the biggest concern of the doctor at this time. Must get more calories into Riley! is what we were told. So we will continue with the 24kcal/oz formula, plus add cereal 2x a day and veggies 2x a day. I will have to get a baby food mill so I can MAKE most of his veggies. They will have less starch that way (and thus less chance of upsetting his fragile system) and he will likely be eating different foods than what we could buy from Gerber anyway due to his special needs. So this weekends task is make baby food!! Otherwise, see them in a month as usual.

Lastly, we went over to the ICN to wait for Super Nurse Rachael to come in (she was working nights), so we could visit with her for a bit. We got to see lots of other old friends as well, and it was fun catching up and visiting. They all thought Riley looked SO good. We found out our Christmas card picture was still hanging on the bullitin board inside, but they requested a new one, so now I must narrow down all the pictures I've taken recently to one and mail it to them. He's still yellow in the one they have!

It was a busy day and a late night, and going to Duke is always tough on us emotionally, but once again, we made the return trip, with Riley sitting in his seat next to me and got to tuck him in bed once we got home. Can't beat that!


Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Before I even read that you had tears in your eyes, I had tears in my eyes at the picture of Riley in front of Life Flight.

I am also going to be making Carter's food. Let me know if you have any tips! We took him to Cincinnati Children's and they want us to start spoon feeding baby food, not for calories, but to convince him that eating is FUN!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Oh how I love the picture of baby Riley sitting on the grass looking up with the bridge in the background...oh how that tugs at my heartstrings! Seeing the helicopter brought tears to my eyes, then I go forward with the pictures and read that you and Jay had tears too...yes, you and Jay are very strong parents...proud of you both. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey and Jay, you both are so strong and such loving parents! Riley is just adorable in the pictures. Glad you had a good visit even though it was emotional. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Keep them coming! Love, Debbie and Gary


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