Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boys Rock!!

it must be true cause Riley's bib says so!

Life with 2 boys has been quite busy lately.
Travis has had tball...which he is enjoying so much I can't even describe it.

He ALWAYS hops onto the base like this

Riley is still LOVING his solids and doing well with them. We are up to carrots/green beans (not his favorite) and squash. I got all the supplies I needed and we now have little frozen cubes of baby food in the freezer for him, all made from scratch.

Travis made rank in cub scouts and just had his crossing over...he's now a Wolf!

Riley has still not been home for a longer amount of time than he was in the hospital, that catches me by surprise all the time. but he sure does seem to enjoy being here!

Travis had some extra credit work he could do for school, where he had to write about one plant/tree in our yard and one animal that was NOT a pet. Oh and he had to draw a picture. So outside we went after dinner tonight. He chose to write about his apple tree ("This is my apple tree. It does not have any apples yet") and about the bluebird family that built a nest in HIS bluebird box outside his bedroom window ("I see a bluebird on my roof. It was going to its nest. It was giving its babies food"). The picture he drew of the little bird with a worm in it's mouth was priceless!

Riley has been a bit of a stinker since our Duke visit as well. He is eating about 10oz less formula a day than he should be. It seems he prefers the solids. But he has got to eat his formula and all of it. So right now, we are just watching and waiting to see what he will do next. Our sweet neighbors told their church family about Riley's special formula and they gifted us with THREE cans of it today. We are so thankful for them and appreciative!

Tonight...he said Mama for the first time. First word. How special do I feel? Still no teeth.

So Amy, and the guys at GE....I'm sorry if I worried ya by not updating (you can tell I got your email ;o) ). And since I KNOW you all will read this, dad, aka J.R., aka Granddaddy has been living the high life on retirement. Planting gardens, picking Travis up from school when we need and spending afternoons with him, and EVEN babysitting Riley for one and two hour stretches. How about that?!

One last you know what's different in this picture?


michelle said...

First of all, I think that the food is supposed to go IN Riley's mouth--not all around it! I love how serious Travis looks in the last cub scout picture. Jason is still talking non stop about Travis and how much he loves him!

Michelle, Scott, & Jason

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been rather busy with those two precious boys. Hmmm, is it that the green paci is now a blue paci??? Thanks for sharing the pictures. Travis is growing up so much and becoming so involved in his extra-curricular activities. Way to go, Travis! Take care, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

No more green paci!!!???

Anonymous said...

he looks like granddaddy with that babyfood on!

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Awww, you finally got him a Carolina blue paci? Yay!

Congrats to Travis--way to go buddy!

Anonymous said...

We have a blue paci , instead of green ! I cant believe how big Travis is getting and Riley too.
Dylan and Travis have both grown soo fast, Dylan crosses over to Wolf this Sat . We are so proud of him as Im sure you are of Travis . Great pictures ! I am so happy for you and your family .

Love , Janna

Fer said...

Wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed the pictures of both boys, and the proud look on Travis' face in his Cub Scout outfit. Way to go Travis. I also enjoyed his adorable extra credit story. He takes his school work so serious, and really seems to enjoy it. That is a terrific trait. Baby Riley, you just keep getting cuter and sweeter each and every day, messy face and all!! Thanks for all the news, and beautiful photos, Lindsey.
Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pics Lindsey. They are such beautiful boys. I see Riley has a new blue paci and Travis is moving right along in all his activities. Way to go guys. Take Care, Amy

Anonymous said...

Travis, Mama is so very proud of you for doing so well on your extra credit stories for school and also your new rank in cub scouts...wolf! And, oh yes, I see that baby Riley has a "blue paci"! Can't wait to see you all soon, Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

PS Lindsey, I just love Riley's first word "Mama" special you are!! Love you, Pauline

Anonymous said...

It's the paci...its the paci! Riley has gone blue! Love,Love the beach pics. You really should be a photographer Lindsey..:) Keep eating,keep smiling, and keep that BIG brother busy...
Hugs,Your once upon a time nurse


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