Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I want to remember about right now

Riley, you are almost 5 months old, only about a week shy of it. And what I want to remember about right now, is this:

When you get really upset, you grab your ears and hold onto them while you scream and for a while afterwards. It's your comfort thing. I joke that "poor Riley, has it gotten so bad, you have to hold your ears". You even did this before you were BORN!

Your skin is SO normal now! And the whites of your eyes are so white. This still amazes me everyday.

You sleep like this

You are a drooling MACHINE! If you are awake, there is drool POURING out of your mouth.

You adore your brother. He's pretty fond of you too.

You are ALL about some fingers. And when you play with them, you get THIS look on your face. everytime. It's always as if you think "heeeey now! what.are. THESE?!"

When your held up so that you can stand, or in your think you are such a big boy and get this proud look on your face

At 3am....every wake up and decide that you would rather be snuggled beside me then sleeping on your own

You are so smiley. All the time. Well..except when your hungry ;o) And you coo like crazy now.

You have now decided that maybe being on your belly isn't so bad after all, and have gotten quite strong on it.

When you get upset, you have this warning cry that is very spitty and snorty before you let loose with the real deal. Then LOOK OUT!

When your hungry, you sound like a pidgeon with this oooh oooh ooooh kind of fuss that you do. When you see me or your bottle, you make this WHO noise. Every.Time.

You are still wearing 0-3 month clothes. Comfortably. Have I called you peanut lately? Because you are.

You are so roly poly now that ostomy bag changes are like an olympic event. I call it "catch the stoma". Sick humor I know, but truly, that thing is only about a half inch across and you move fast!

You are the KING of "hiney pat loving". every night, you snuggle up with me on the couch, and you settle in for a little nap before your last feed of the day, and you will NOT take that nap without some serious hiney patting and green paci.

I adore how you whimper for you paci, and then when you are given it, you grab ahold of it and pull it out and hold it in your hand and grin at who ever gave it to you. Did I mention you have us all wrapped around your finger?

Your kind of a mommy's boy and I am loving it.

And Travis?? Wow. You blow me away.

You are smart. SOO smart.

You are kind and compassionate.

You excel in school.

You are creative and inventive and tell some incredible stories.

You still have all your baby teeth and not one single one is loose yet. That is starting to bug you. But I'm kind of glad cause I just adore your perfect little white chic-let teeth.

But most of all, what is SO amazing to me about you right now, and for the past almost 5 months (actually longer because you were this caring and great during my difficult pregnancy too) is that THIS is who you are:

Finally..I THINK Riley was tired of me snapping pictures earlier. What do you think?


Cindy said...

Priceless! Love the video and Riley learning the 'finger'...

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Carter and Riley have been talking again. (1) Carter sleeps EXACTLY like that in the same chair (2) When I feed him at 3am he wants to snuggle and thinks it's play time (3) he's a drool machine (4) he LOVES his hands and gets cross-eyed looking at them! It's amazing how much alike these two are :)

Glad to see Riley is doing so well at home.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! You covered all points so sweetly, and the pictures are priceless! Travis is just the most caring brother, and the video is so cute. Riley seemed so intent in everything Travis was explaining to him. Just love to hear that southern "accent". Beautiful sons, and more precious memories. Thanks for sharing!!!
Hugs, Dale

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! Love the video! And, I have always been so amazed and in awe of Travis' incredible stories over the years! There are just no words to really describe this post...precious memories sums it up best. Hugs, Pauline

Fer said...

Awww this is a very cute post!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, you have the two sweetest most compassionate boys. I enjoyed listening to Travis teach Riley about the planets. Riley sure was into it. :) What precious memories this will make for the both of you and also when the boys are older. You have a great family! Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, one day you can tell Riley that pictures are a neccesity for his many admiring fans. he became a star at a very early age. Glad Life seems to be returning to "normal" as much as possible for you all.


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