Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's trouble....but I love him!

Riley's surgeon at Duke and Pediatrician reviewed the results of his GI study today. They both feel confident that there is nothing of surgical concern going on in Riley's tummy right now. That is GREAT news.

So...we were left waiting to hear back on Riley's blood work. It is possible his electrolytes were off and that can cause a person to not feel hungry. The blood work DID come back abnormal (more on that in a minute), but not in the ways they were expecting. So his electrolytes aren't causing him to not eat it seems. So it would SEEM that Riley is just being a stinker when it comes to not eating. Can you believe that?

But this evening, Riley drank 5oz from a bottle (after appearing hungry finally) and we made him a little more, and he drank 2oz more. SEVEN ounces at one time! And then 2 hours later, he ate 6 ounces. And now he's napping.

Right after he ate the 7oz, the phone rang and his pediatrician was on the phone and telling me the results of his blood work. everything about his blood work was great, not off at all, except his Bicarb level, which was really low. She said that could indicate he's acidotic and coupled with not eating, he would need IV fluids. She also talked to the GI doctor at Duke and he believed the bicarb level to be off, not because of his not eating, since none of his other levels were off, but due to his ostomy and the way he does and does not absorb things. So he recommended IV fluids and change up his formula. Ugh.

Since Riley, even through all the non-eating, has SEEMED and LOOKED just fine....the pediatrician, when given the news that he had just ate 7oz willingly, decided the best thing to do, would be to have him come in to their office tomorrow morning, have another lab drawn and go from there just in case the bicarb level was a mistake. She gave us a whole list of symptoms, that if they change overnight, we are to head straight to the hospital.

So..tomorrow, lab work, and if it's still off, over to the hospital for an IV and a formula change up (umm to the twice as expensive stuff from what he's on ya KNOW it's gonna happen right?).

But seriously....he LOOKS and acts fine...see for yourself:


Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie and a little stinker! I love you baby Riley. Hoping for a restful night and a bright tomorrow for you all. Love and Blessings, Pauline

Anonymous said...

He sure is a cute little stinker! Thankful for good news.

Anonymous said...

He looks just like Travis!! Good luck tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Riley.

Anonymous said...

Riley, you are soooo your own self! You have always done things on Riley time, and you are continuing to do so. So happy to hear that you finally decided to eat something. Hope tomorrow brings all good reports, and that things will get back to a regular routine quickly. Keep checking out those fingers Riley, you never know what they will do next! Too Cute!!!
Hugs and Blessings, Dale

Fer said...

Lindsay, is he tested for Renal Tubular Acidocis?. Ask your ped about that and maybe it would be good to ask for a nephrologist opinion. My daughter has RTA, her CO2 level was 15 when they diagnosed her 6 years ago. She's still taking citrates to ballance her CO2 levels.

GORGEOUS pictures of Riley!

If you need more info or want to talk to me, my email is


Anonymous said...

He sure is a cute boy!! I hope he will continue to eat and that all will be good now. Thinking of you, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

What a stinker!


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