Thursday, February 26, 2009

He finished the test about an hour ago and had his bloodwork done. The test didn't show any strict blockages, which we already knew was the case, however, there was some narrowed areas. With Riley's history....these could be "normal" for him or could be a new thing. ONly way we will know is when the doctors at Duke review them. Trying to get that to happen sooner rather than later, as there seems to be NO rush on the part of anyone down here to get that info to Duke since there isn't a strict blockage.

his bloodwork i'm sure will be abnormal at this piont cause he's barely eating, nor does he even act hungry at all.

Feels like another weekend in the hospital is looming upon us. :o(


Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Riley...I feel so sad for you...not even showing signs of hunger and usually you are gnawing at the bit to get that next bottle of milk. Praying for a speedy answer and keeping you in my prayers. Hugs, Pauline

Fer said...

((((HUGS))))) I'm praying for Riley!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey...Keeping fingers crossed and praying that you will get some answers real soon. I hope that Duke can shine some light on the situation, and find the cause of Riley's problem.
Many hugs and blessings, Dale

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and hoping you are able to get some answers soon. Riley, I hope you are wanting to eat very soon. Keeping you in our prayers. Love, Debbie and Gary

michelle said...

I hope Riley was just having an off couple of days and he continues to eat like he did tonight. I hope you can avoid another weekend in the hospital. BTW, is that one of the shirts we gave Riley for Christmas? It looked so tiny I was afraid it wouldn't fit!
Michelle & Scott

Anonymous said...

Things are getting semi normal around here. My mom passed last week (I know she's in a better place but it still hard not to call her everyday) If you need anything or just need someone to watch Travis day or night it doesn't matter. Or if you need me to get him off the bus thats fine too. I will continue to pray that everything goes smoothly for you guys!!!!
Barbara & Joe Hodges

Laura said...

I have been worried about Riley since Travis was here Wednesday. Riley does have a complicated history and I am diffently not one to give any advice. But reading your recent blog and the outside looking in has Riley always had breast milk? I don't know how munch he as eaten by mouth or what? I do know from breast feeding both of mine Summer my youngest one would starve rather than drink formula I had to breast feed her she never did take the bottle. I mean breast milk is a lot sweeter than formula. Just a thought, tyring to help. Praying for you all. Let me know if can help with Travis, Holden enjoys playing with him.


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