Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poor Riley

Today was a loooong day for my poor sweet baby. He woke up in a great mood, after eating great through the night, and had that great mood destroyed around 10am today. Today was circumcision day. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Riley had a little snip of the tip going on today and well, he didn't react too well to it. He began to come around about 7pm tonight, but it was a long hard day for him (and Jay). This procedure is MUCH different on a baby of his age versus a newborn. He was pretty much inconsolable for a good portion of the day. And big babies like him KICK a lot and well...that's just not good.

BUT through it all, he ate GREAT today. Ok, so technically he SNACKED great today but he snacked frequently and about 2oz at a time so by 7pm, he was only down about 20cc for the previous 12hours which is GREAT considering what all went on today. Hopefully, he will eat well through the night.

So we are down to the following:

I got Riley's prescriptions filled today. His great day nurse Pam brought up we should just take the Actigall he had prescribed because somehow he ended up with 3 bottles of it and it will just be thrown away. Doctor agreed it was ok, so in the bag o'goodies Actigall went. Score! (well...technically NOT a score since we pay for it either way but at least I didn't have to pay even MORE at the drugstore). So that just left Prevacid I had to have filled, which had to be compounded which meant it took longer than a typical prescription so I had to go back to get it. Fun stuff in the cold and rainy day but it's done now.

His eye appointment, developmental appointment, follow up at Duke, and Pediatrician appointments are all made.

He passed his hearing test today.

Circumcision is done.

We watched the 5 videos they require you to watch tonight, so that is done.

We "drew up" his meds today (prevacid, actigall and multi-vitamins) in the syringe and gave them to him. (have to show we can handle giving him his meds...we laughed).

We went over the supplies we need/they will send home with us like syringes and such.

so that just leaves his discharge labs in the morning and hopeful continued good eating and weight gain/maintenance through tonight and tomorrow and then he is OUTTA there on Thursday if that all goes well!!! Isn't that AMAZING?! I will be so excited to see his poor heels be cut free for a change. He has NEVER not had a multitude of little cuts on his heels from labwork. Hopefully, tomorrows stick will be the last for a while.

He doesn't have to take the carseat test since he wasn"t premature and is free of breathing issues, but I think I will take his seat inside tomorrow so we can adjust the straps if need be (he may not fit with them in their lowest setting now??? who knows) and then strap him in it inside and just carry him out since it's going to be cold that day. This is the first time since Sept 28 that his seat has been removed from it's place in my van. I will likely cry carrying it INTO the building, not to mention when it's carried out with HIM in it!!!

We do not have to room in with him at the hospital before discharge, so we will go home, get a good nights sleep (haha) and just go back that next morning to do all the paperwork and whatnot and pack up his room. I'm not packing up a darn thing till the time is upon us as I don't want to jinx anything!!! I even washed all his dirty clothes last night/this morning and took them right back in today.

But it really seems like going home is imminent for this week. Everyone we see comments that we are going home and that once they make the pediatrician appointment, it's pretty much a done deal. So....as always, I'll keep you posted.

The eating champ:

Praying for his newly snipped pee-pee to stop hurting :o)

Oh, by the way, Riley has found his hands AND knows how to blow bubbles now.


Anonymous said...

That is GREAT news!!!! I know that you and Jay are sooo excited to be able to finally see bringing home so close upon you!!! Keeping fingers crossed everything goes well and he keeps eating so he can come home Thursday!!


Keeping you in prayers,
Amy Herrin

Anonymous said...

What wonderful and exciting news!!! This is something everyone has been waiting to hear, and I couldn't be happier for all of you. Travis must be so thrilled also, to be getting his little brother home. To have every one of you home together for the first time in over 3 months, is a dream that hopefully will take place in just 2 days!!! Hoping and praying Riley's soreness will heal rapidly, poor baby. He is such a sweetheart.
God bless all, Dale

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

YAAAAAYYY!!!!! Can't wait for Thursday :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby Riley, you are so sweet. Truly amazing...God bless and Keep You today. Love, Pauline

Cindy said...

Wow, can't believe what I just read..gave me chills, the moment everyone has been praying for! Funny thing is you might take him home and say now what? Just take it all in and gaze at your wonderful boys. I'm so happy for you all! Can't wait to see pictures of the big departure! Good tears Lindsey, good tears!
Love and hugs!

BenC said...

I tell you, walking out of the hospital with your baby in your carseat after all you've been through is one of the best feelings in the world. GO RILEY!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of Riley! It is so good seeing him without tubes and IV's, and enjoying his bottle. Way to go Riley. Hope his "wound" is better today. Handsome, sweet, precious baby boy, you are truly a living miracle!!! God's blessings to you.
Love and Hugs, Dale

Anonymous said...

HURRAY FOR RILEY!! I will pray all goes well for him tonight & in the AM..Love the picture of him with his hands!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I found your blog through Baby Carter! Will be praying for little Riley... our son, due to CDH like Carter, had to be circumcised older too so I can picture how bad the day must have been for him. How AWESOME you are headed home! What a relief I'm sure! THings are totally different when it's just you & your baby in your own home without all the beeping monitors & nurses around... :) Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you. Hooray, Riley!! What a day it will be when both of you take Riley home. I know there will be tears of pure joy and thankfulness. Pictures are darling!! Thinking of you, Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

YEAH RILEY!!!!!!! Prayers have been answered. God bless you and your family.


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