Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I think we've made it!

So we won't know for sure until tomorrow morning, but Riley GAINED 75 grams tonight. I think that will seal the deal. His output is perfect, he gained weight...I can't see why the doctor would say no.

Also, in 12 hours today, he needed to eat 320ml...he ate 460ml!!!! PIGGY.

So obviously, it's not a done deal, but it's looking REAL good tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I can go to bed now!!! I've been waiting for this update! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Things sure do sound good. Riley must have gotten the message to be eating so well, and gaining weight. Great news!! So very happy for you all.
God Bless, Dale

Anonymous said...

Little Baby Riley, I am so proud of you! Happy Moments, Thank God. Love you all, Pauline


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