Wednesday, December 10, 2008

quick Wednesday update

Not much to say today. Riley has had a good day and that's about all there is to say :o) Jay put his mobile up on his crib and he enjoyed it.

There is a new baby in the room with him that was flown in from Greenville due to having NEC. He actually has a perforation but is too sick to be operated on at this time. Jay says he's REALLY really sick, so please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers as well as Jay. It's being really tough on him sitting in the same room, reliving our experience. I tried to encourage him that he could be a great resource for this family as someone who has been there before. He said that he can tell that they are absolutely clueless as to what is yet to come and can remember how we were the same way. Hopefully he will be of some help to them.

Travis is complaining about homework so I got to go for now :o)


Anonymous said...

So happy that baby Riley had a good day today. We will keep Jay in our prayers as well as the family from Greenville. Hugs to baby Riley, you, Jay and Travis. Pauline

Cindy said...

Glad to hear Riley had a better day. This whole experience has taught me to pray again. We are keeping all families in our prayers that are going through things like Riley is and other babies ill for various reasons. Hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that it has been a good day for Riley. I know it must be hard for Jay. We will also keep him in our prayers. Take care all of you, Love, Debbie and Gary


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