Tuesday, December 9, 2008

blurry but too cute not to share

he looks so little in these. He DID break the 9 pound mark legitamately last night though :o)

Nurse Rachel in these...we adore her!

they say he has the BEST pouty lip!

big boy working on head control

couldn't you just SQUEEZE him?! (carefully...he'll poop on ya if you squeeze too hard haha)


KT said...

Thinking of you guys. We visited last Monday and I almost asked Patrick to tell Jay he had a visitor. Our son had been home one year and we were bringing goodies to the staff. We had Rachel many times in the TCN. She was a student with Shelly. Tell her we said hello!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are worth a thousand words, He is a beatiful little boy,
it is like you can see the determinion in him. sweet,sweet,sweet. I praise God for him.

Anonymous said...

What a lucky girl Rachel is, to get to hold Sweet Riley. Boy, she must really LOVE her job! Precious, precious baby boy, and sooo cute!!! That pretty much sums it up.
Love and Hugs, Dale

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

We have to get back in the same room. First, we miss you guys and second, we miss sharing Rachel! We have been moved to room 3 now and were so sad not to be with you guys. Keeping Riley in our prayers,

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Too, too cute! And, oh so precious. By all means, you better share!! Baby Riley, you are a sweetie pie, keep watching that pouty lip...a little bluebird is going to come and sit on it and bring you sunny days! Keep up the good fight little sweet one, Love you, Pauline

michelle said...

So cute! I need to get up there again for some cuddle time! We have such a busy week, but hopefully I can pop in this weekend.

Cindy said...

What a heartbreaker!

Take care..

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pouting face! Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that pouty lip. :) Isn't he something? Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing those pictures of Riley. Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

I don't think Little Riley could be any cuter or sweeter, he is so precious. I'm sending blessings your way for him to get better so that he can come home with you. He's just so sweet-looking, I want to give him a huge kiss.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little baby boy! Praying and thinking of Riley and family often.

Love Janna Watson


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