Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trying for PICC line RIGHT NOW

Jay just texted that they were going to start work on getting a PICC line in Riley, so he had to step out of Riley's room. So the event is underway now. It takes about an hour or so to do it, and IF they get it in, get an xray and make sure its in the right place. Jay told the nurse she could try twice. We would relent to that but absolutely NO MORE, regardless of being able to come back to New Hanover or not. She had already looked at him earlier in the evening and said there is ONLY one vein she see's that MAY work. So we truly have once chance at this.

I may lose my mind in the next hour waiting.


Anonymous said...


I am praying for success with his PICC line. He looks so much better.


Anonymous said...

Hang tight Lindsey...praying Riley's vein will work. Dear God, we lift up Riley to you right now. Bless him and take care of him. Lindsey, I am praying for you to have Peace of Mind while you wait so patiently. Love, Pauline


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