Thursday, November 20, 2008

no luck :o(

Well...they actually got the PICC line in. But it curled up in his underarm instead of running into the veins it needed to. So they tried pulling it back out some and then rethreading again, without taking it all the way out. No luck.

So they tried in one more spot, which really didn't seem promising but the fact his vein didn't immediatly blow when they did the first was hopeful. That one wouldn't thread past his wrist. So PICC lines are a bust.

And his IV is leaking or something so they have to swap it out tonight.

So its a broviac tomorrow. and I won't be there. and he won't be coming home.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, my heart goes out to you, Jay and baby Riley...I am so sorry the PICC line was unsuccessful. It seems so unfair for Riley and all the pain that he has had to endure, but we must trust and have faith that God knows best and will watch over and take care of baby Riley. I will keep Riley in my prayers. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey ~ Your baby has stolen my heart. My prayers are with all of you. Our church is praying for Riley. Karin

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I am so sorry that the PICC line didn't work for Riley. I know it's difficult for you and hard for Riley to be going through so much as just a little baby. We continue to keep all of you in our prayers. I have a lot of friends who are praying as well. Trust in God, Love, Debbie and Gary


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