Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dec 1: Went for a little run

I am beginning my December posts a few days late because I was traveling on the 1st and just been too tired this past week!

On December 1st, I ran the Space Coast Half Marathon (13.1 miles), in Cocoa Beach, FL with Jay P. This was my 2nd half marathon, and while I was much better trained for it, it was harder than my first. I didn't feel well the day before (congestion, sore throat) and still had those issues before the race. It was humid also, which usually makes my asthma flare a little, and that coupled with the congestion made for a miserable run for me. We finished and got our awesome medals though! It's all about the bling. And because I like to eat. A lot. :)

My friend Allison who lives in Florida,ran the Space Coast Marathon (26.2 miles) at the same time!


At packet pickup, at Kennedy Space Center:

JayP and I:

Ally and I:

I LOVE this picture of us!


 And we are laughing again. I sure miss her!


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