Saturday, May 4, 2013

Riley's Fun Saturday

Travis is Boy Scout camping this weekend, and that is a hard pill to swallow for Riley. See, he has been going on almost all of Travis' cub scout campouts for the past 2 years. And now, he is no longer allowed to go as Boy scout camping isn't family camping any more. So since he was feeling left out again (Travis will camp once a month with the boy scouts), I promised him a fun Saturday.

First up, he had a Tball game, which I did not take pictures at, but he did well. He decided to only hit lefty today. Sometimes he hits righty, sometimes he will hit righty once and lefty the next at bat. We let him hit whichever way he wants, as he can hit either way (although I think lefty is his strongest at the moment) and if he stays a switch hitter, that can only be a benefit to him when he is older and playing baseball.

His game was just before lunch, so last night I told him he could pick anywhere he wanted to go for lunch after his game. He picked (no surprise), Olive Garden. That is his favorite restaurant. So I changed him out of his ball clothes, with the exception of his jersey, as he insisted on keeping that on, and off to Olive Garden we went.

Next, after a quick trip to costco, we went to Lewis Farms for some yummy Strawberry ice cream. Ice cream is one of those super sweet treats that Riley shouldn't have a lot of, so he and I split a child's portion. He savored every last spoonful of his little bit.

Then, we grabbed a bucket, and went out into the field to pick some fresh strawberries. He really enjoyed this!

Next, I needed to go to the mall to get a few things for Travis, so off we went there. When we passed by the bungee jump thing, Riley got so excited and begged to do it. He giggled the entire time and kept telling the man he wanted to jump higher! He tried to flip also, but just doesn't have quite enough weight to make it happen yet.I think we will be visiting the bungee jump again!

Afterwards, we both enjoyed a cookie from the cookie stand right next to the jump thing. I think Riley really enjoyed his day!

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Anonymous said...

Awww Riley, It looks like you had a very fun day playing t-ball, eating strawberry ice cream, picking yummy strawberries! And, wow Riley, you were very brave to do the bungee jump thing! Love, "mama"


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