Saturday, April 13, 2013

My 10 year old is a roadie already!

Well, in 2 months, he will be 11, does that make a difference? :)

Last night, Travis was "Road Crew" for the STES Talent Show. He helped put mats out for gymnastic performances, microphones for musical numbers, help up helper signs for acts that needed them, and helped load up everything once the show was over. He, and the rest of the crew, did a great job. They were all 5th grade boys, and took their responsibilities very seriously. Travis was picked on quite a bit by the show's emcee, because he was the only road crew that is his student.

His principal, Ms Romero-Lehrer (NC Principal of the Year!!) is who heads up the talent show. She got the road crew boys t-shirts to wear that said "Road Crew" on the back.

Moving the mats, yet again. That is Mr. Grant in the crazy outfit.

Recognizing the road crew

And picking on Travis once again! (yes, that IS a grown man in a spiderman costume and gladiator helmet, why do you ask?!)

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Anonymous said...

So happy that Travis enjoys school and is having such a good time with his extra-curriculum activities as well. Love, Pauline


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