Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dec 22

Christmas is almost here! And that means it was time to make some Christmas goodies. Jay helped Debbie and Gary move into their new house today, so the boys and I spent the day cooking. Well, Riley and I did, Travis had to go be a big boy and hunt this afternoon. More on that below.

This morning, Travis, Riley and I made some chex mix. (Which I may have nibbled on afterwards).

Later, after Travis had left with Granddaddy, Riley and I worked on Butterballs (which I may have also nibbled on

Does this happen to anyone else?!

Riley enjoyed lining the cookies up

And rolling them in sugar

He was a very big helper today!

While Riley and I were making a mess with the Kitchenaid, Travis was working to stock the freezer. Sitting for hours in the cold paid off today, as he killed a doe. Granddaddy was extremely proud of him, as Travis made a "perfect" shot. A heart shot that dropped her where she stood. That was good news, because then they didn't have to go looking for her!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Travis! Got you a nice big doe! Way to go! Merry Christmas! Love, "Mama"


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