Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dec 15

I feel bad that I am not posting as many "good"  pictures as I usually do. But getting my big camera and getting in a good position to take pictures is difficult in my current foot situation. But my cell phone pretty much lives on me so I am usually able to snap a quick picture here and there. So now that you know that... Here are a few I snapped today.
Jay had to work most of the day today (graduation at UNCW).  So the boys and I braved crowds and my being on a scooter to do a little bit of shopping this morning.  Riley has been having serious tummy troubles today,  and this picture was taken before his issues really hit,  but he wasn't  feeling well. He had fallen asleep in the car and wanted me to carry him. So we compromised and I made room on my scooter for him to sit.
Later at home,  things declined and we spent most of the afternoon snuggling and watching Christmas movies on abc family.  Cobie tried to lend some comfort.
He ended up asking to go to bed tonight. Hopefully he will feel much better in the morning!

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Anonymous said...

So sad that you feel so bad, Riley. Love, "Mama"


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