Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dec 13

Tonight was Travis' Christmas concert at school. His very last one! :( It was weird having to wait until the last group (5th grade) to see him. These aren't typically his favorite event, but he did great! He even showed off quite a few moves :)

He was sought out by the paparazzi afterwards:

Riley thought he was big stuff up on the stage and bleachers

The kids liked my current mode of transportation (Christmas lights and all)

Travis and Holden helping Ms. Leslie take her stuff out to her hut. It was dark out, and she had to wheel it up a ramp, and without being asked, they just jumped right in to help her. Proud of those two boys! ( I am not exactly sure what Riley was doing here. Running? Skipping? No idea)

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Anonymous said...

Christmas concerts are so special...know all enjoyed it. Love, Pauline


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