Saturday, August 11, 2012

Travis' went to camp

I am so behind. I've been having too much fun this summer with my kids. Forgive me. Lots of these pictures are already old, some by more than a month. But I'm trying to catch up!

So lets start with Travis going to camp. This was his second visit to Camp Albemarle. Last year, he went with his friend Holden. This year, he went with his friend Holden AND his friend Miller. The camp has this neat photo website, where parents can logon and see pictures that the camp photographer took the previous day. This year, you could save the pictures to your computer. So several of these pictures will be pictures that I saved from the camp site. I stalked that webpage every morning until the pictures were posted. Even though we couldn't call him, seeing him in pictures made him feel closer to home. He actually mailed us a letter this year also! He arrived home before it did, but its the thought that counts :).

Miller and Travis in the cabin

Miller, Travis and Holden out on the dock with the camp in the background. They wouldn't be this clean again, for a week :)

Outside their cabin and their counselor

Riley, Madelyn and Bailey, sitting around, while the boys got settled in.

Doing the rope/tree climbing activity

Can you find him?

I loved this picture. It was taken their first evening at camp. So I saw it the next morning. I am pretty sure my heart melted into a puddle at the sight of it. They were all three smiling!

Travis and his counselor at pickup day

Travis had a great week. Next summer, since he will attend as a 6th grader (gulp!), he has the choice of one week or two week camp!! My boy is growing up on me too fast.

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It's good to see this post and hope to see lots more! Love, Pauline


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