Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Baseball 2012

Today was our next to last baseball game of the spring season. Since it was a daytime game (we have had mostly night games), I figured I would take my camera and snap some pictures. The boys played great today, and us adults were all reminded of how well POSITIVE reinforcement works to booster the hearts and spirits of children. It's been a tough season, but today, the boys all seemed to remember the love they have for the game. THAT was great to see! Here is our team this season. Today, Travis was our first baseman. Normally, he plays 3rd base, but today, he was needed to play 1st base. He did an awesome job! "I got it!"...he caught a pop fly in the first inning. His first hit...he got up 5 times in today's game. This one was a line drive straight to the pitcher's glove, and got him out, but that was ok! On 1st... Stealing 3rd... He's safe! Ready to go home and make a run Look at the look on his face! After the game was over, Riley of course had to run the bases. "Run home Riley, run home!" PS: we ran our 5K today. I am not so patiently waiting for the official results to be posted before I say too much about it, but here is a picture from today...check out Travis' hair. Travis and his buddy Will

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Anonymous said...

So thrilled that Travis loves to play baseball! And, even more thrilled that he plays so well! Play Ball Travis! Love, Pauline


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