Friday, January 6, 2012

The muddy bunch

This is how I was raised right here. Riding a 4wheeler, in the mud, on a beautiful day. And now, as an adult, while I am still known to get muddy occasionally, I take even more pleasure in watching all of this:

Before the real fun began, and you could still see what color our 4wheeler is...

I love this picture! Two little boys, on muddy 4wheelers, having a little conversation.
Travis in the Gray, Miller in the red.

Did I mention there was mud?

Girls like to get muddy too!

Riley and his gator hung in there with the big kids!

Look at that girl throw some mud! I smile when I see this picture, because you can tell she is grinning ear to ear behind that helmet.

The big guys entertained us in their own way...

Travis helps boost Riley in his almost dead gator up the hill. Because that is just what brothers do.

Maybe we should wash it...

It was a great day! More of this adventure another night.


Martha said...

Dad says that since 1994 that he had not put that much mud on it in all the years and that it looks like there is "horse leftovers" mixed in! No wonder it quit it was worn out! It has gone into shock!!!!!

Martha said...
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Anonymous said...

Nothing is more fun than spending the day in the country and playing in the mud! Glad everyone had so much fun! Love, Pauline


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