Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dec 4: the puppy was easier

Tonight, I thought I would try for some cute shots of Riley by the tree. I just love little faces lit by the light of a Christmas tree. And since I pulled off a several pictures of Cobie by the tree last night, tonight's should have been a piece of cake.

Ha!! The puppy was easier! She is more obedient than Riley it seems. (and better potty trained!)

It started out in negotiation. That should have told me things were going downhill from the beginning. He only wanted to take pictures, if he could sit on this present. Which resulted in my trying to maneuver it in place one armed (its heavy! And I am still under 5 pound push/pull/lift restrictions with my arm).

But he only wanted to look over my head. So...scratch the full body shots.

Hmm, this isn't any better:

I said smile and got this:

Then he turned sideways to look at ornaments on the tree:

Then he pointed to one and said "take a picture":

Then this look appeared, which is usually the 10 second warning, that he's about to blow!

But surprisingly, I did end up with a couple keepers:

I'll let him slide this time though. As a big part of the disagreeableness has to do with this:

He has been sick with a nasty cough and is on antibiotics for his ears and throat. So I guess I should be lucky he looked at me at all, right?!

And...Pistachio news:
He apparently thinks shoes belong in stockings!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Riley, "Mama" is so happy that you finally gave Mommy that precious "Riley" smile! I love pictures #7 and #8...that's my "Riley" smile! So glad you are feeling some better today. Love, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Oh, Riley! You are something else with your pictures, but I do love many of them, even though you gave your Mommy some challenges. We hope you are feeling better. Annaleigh wishes her Riley well! Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh

Dale Budd said...

The last one with that beautiful smile, totally gets my vote! What a handsome boy! Hope he is feeling better for Santa!

Sending Hugs!


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