Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 15: Travis' Concert

Tonight, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Travis' school performed their Christmas concert. They did so good!

Travis' group (4th graders) performed Sleigh Ride, Rocking around the Christmas Tree and Reindeer Twist.
Before we left:

I've been spotted!

Travis was with his buddies Will and Tyler...and the three of them together were a mess! Triple trouble!

Pistachio update!
This morning, we woke to find this:

See anything odd? No? Well, all those gifts stacked up WERE under our tree! But...the boys brought home Travis' model train set from Granddaddy's house yesterday, so that made it easy for us to put the train around the tree tonight!

Sneaky little elf...


Anonymous said...

Looks like Travis had a good concert at school. He's getting so big!!! Annaleigh is just loving saying Travis' name now. She was saying it this morning as she was looking up at the picture of her and "her boys". Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh

Anonymous said...

Travis is so handsome in his red-plaid shirt! And, looks like he was happy and full of mischief!! Love, Pauline


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