Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec 1: Pistachio!

Its that time of year again...It's December 1st already! That means...Daily December posts.

A little story...Travis has a little elf ornament on his Christmas tree. One that I got from "Mama" when I was a little girl. Travis wondered if it might be an "Elf on the Shelf", and so he wrote it a letter, asking it if it was, unbeknownst to Jay or I. Well...the next morning, he woke up , mighty disappointed that the Elf was not a REAL elf, and told me what had happened.

So, I did a little research, and found out where I could go to adopt an Elf on the Shelf for our family, and before I came home today, I went and adopted our Elf!

The boys named it Pistachio. We aren't sure if it is a boy or a girl elf, so Travis wrote it another note, asking "have Riley and I been good this year" and "are you a boy or a girl elf", both with yes/no check boxes underneath.

So tonight, after Travis' basketball practice, he, Riley and I snuggled up in bed, to read the story of the Elf on the Shelf. Where we learned that we mustn't touch Pistachio, after reading the story, or he/she will lose the special magic that helps it travel. So we decided where we wanted Pistachio to begin it's journey in our house (the top of my dresser...) and we then read the story.

I hear these little Elves can be pretty michievious, so we will see what Pistachio gets into. I highly suggest he/she stay out of the reach of the dogs AND the 3 year old though! :)

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Anonymous said...

Awww, I too love "Elf on the Shelf"! Lindsey, I got a little smile knowing that you still had the little elf that I gave you as a little girl! Sweet memories for this "Mama"!! Last year, Annaleigh fell in love with a little elf that Debbie had growing up, so I went out and bought her "Elf on the Shelf". She loves that elf and calls it her "baby"! Love it! Love, Pauline


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