Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Cobie Girl

Gosh I love this puppy!

She has started her obedience classes, which has been a slight challenge with my arm in its current state. We are managing though. She is working hard on being a good girl! (the treats are a nice bonus!)

Boy and puppy love. Can you stand it?

I hardly can! Smiles for everyone!

Responding to "Cobie...COME!"

Well, a girl can't be good ALL the time. RIP pretty little pink rose


Anonymous said...

Wow! Cobie has grown so much! Such cute pictures! I especially love the one of "boy loves puppy"!! Riley is so cute! Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Very sweet pictures of Cobie! She's growing a lot!!
Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh
Annaleigh is sitting here saying, "Wiley", "Wiley"


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