Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's play ball Travis!

That is something Travis hears often these days! He is such a great big brother. He goes right out, and gets Riley's little ball and glove and bat and tries to teach him to catch and hit. Here and there, the attempts are successful!

Showing good form already! Arms back, glove is pointed!

He hit one! And Travis took off running after it. Which thrilled Riley!

I LOVE this picture. Because I can hear the conversation in my head that accompanies it...
T: "Hold your bat up Riley"
R: "Ok Travis"
T: "nope, not like that. Put your hands at the bottom"
R: "ok"
T: "umm no. Here, let me help you"
So sweet and patient!

He caught it!

PS: pay NO attention to the big boy underwear he is sporting. He is SO anti-potty that the very, VERY rare times he takes an interest, I indulge him. Playing outside on a hot afternoon? PERFECT time to give the underwear a spin. No successes, but at least he wanted to wear them! And, come ON! He was CUTE running around the yard in Thomas undies!


Anonymous said...

Two sweet boys playing so nicely. Love, Pauline

Debbie and Gary said...

Very sweet of Travis to be such a great big brother! I love seeing the big boy underwear. It makes him look so big. I was wondering about the potty training.


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