Friday, July 15, 2011

Camp Albemarle!

Travis just got home from an exciting week! After we returned home from our vacation week at the beach on Sunday, we unpacked the vehicles and boat, and then jumped back in the van to take Travis to camp. He has been there all week, Sunday afternoon, until lunchtime today. He said it was SO fun. He did tree climbing, and sailboating and fishing, and lots and lots of swimming, and lots of other fun stuff. Camp Albemarle is located just outside of Morehead City. It is right on the Bogue Sound and it is so pretty there! Travis says he DEFINITELY wants to go back again next year!

Travis and Holden last Sunday after check-in

On the camps pier, with the camp in the background

Trav's camp counselor, Michael

Inside the cabin, after move-out today. Its a cozy space!

After leaving camp today, we headed to the Sanitary Fish Market in Morehead City for a yummy lunch, walked around the waterfront for a bit, then headed back home, where I had lots and lots of yucky, stinky camp laundry to wash!

Travis mentioned on the ride home today, that he was ready for a haircut. He decided on something a little different this time!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures say it all...I can see that Travis enjoyed his week at camp. Love, Pauline


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