Monday, June 20, 2011

happy birthday to you, cha cha cha

Travis is NINE!

Saturday, we had a pool party to celebrate.
They boys sang Happy Birthday, in their own way...Happy Birthday to you, cha cha cha. It was so cute.

With 10 8-9 year old boys about, and a few younger kids too, NO ONE was safe from being splashed at one point or another.

Those splashed felt good though, it was HOT out that day!

Tomorrow, the big 9 year old returns to Duke for a brain to butt (my term, not theirs) MRI as a followup to his Syrinx. Then we see the neurosurgeon to find out the results. Then later, dinner with friends. We have to leave our house at 5:30am, so gotta go!


Debbie and Gary said...

Travis, you're getting so big! I hope all goes well at Duke.

Anonymous said...

Travis, I enjoyed your birthday party. It was so fun watching you and your friends having so much fun swimming and playing around together. Love you, "Mama"


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