Sunday, May 8, 2011

About Mother's Day

To me, Mother's Day should be called Son's Day (cause you know, that's what I've got). To me, Mother's day is less about ME being a Mother and more about celebrating my precious boys. The fact that they treat me like a princess, is just icing on the cake. But, as the only female in our house, I tend to get the princess treatment frequently ;).

But truly, I love my crazy, crazy boys. How I ever became so lucky to be their mother, I will never know. They make me laugh, EVERY day. Not necessarily at 6am on a Saturday, when they are wide awake, but you know, later, when consciousness has found me again, they make me laugh. And nothing makes me happier than hearing Riley cry out that he needs his mommy or when Travis asks me to do something with him and I say "ok", to hear the genuinely happy "yay!". This weekend, that "yay!" preceded a LOT of baseball practicing, more about that another time. My shoulder hurts! But, he's worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Two sweet boys dedicating their day to their Mommy. Love, Pauline


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