Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

Hunting for eggs that the Easter bunny left:

Let's make cupcakes!
Riley carefully lined the pans

Travis is SUPER serious about ingredients. (and notice: I have moved the mixer from its normal location on my other counter, the bar...because Travis tends to make a mess, and it's easier to clean up here. He's a sweet helper though, so it's worth it!)

We were making pinepple upside down cupcakes...which had a topping on the bottom...Which Riley thought was tasty. He knew it was tasty because he was dipping his thumb into a few of them as Travis and I worked on the cake part of the recipe.

Travis was super excited that Riley was given a small bat/ball. He couldn't wait to teach him how to hit. That quickly changed....

On another egg hunt for eggs that Mema and Grandaddy brought over.

Seems Riley found a better way to transport his basket

Jay hid the eggs...and he made Travis work for them!

It's finally flip-flop weather!

Riley was checking out his belly with a magnifying glass


Christie said...
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Christie said...

The pictures of the boys sitting on the steps...they both look so grown up! Especially Riley!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Travis and Riley both had lots of Easter Fun. Love seeing all the pictures of both boys. Love, Pauline


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