Friday, April 15, 2011

At two and half...

Riley is wild and crazy and sweet and loving and says the funniest things!
At his 2 and a half year old dr checkup, his pediatrician was very pleased with him! His weight is holding at the 50th percentile (AMAZING for a child with his background she says) and his height is in the 75th percentile. Riley's bionic belly is working hard for him. She would like to see him eat more variety and calories since his weight has held EXACTLY the same the last few visits (sick visits and whatnot), but she says we aren't stressing about it. He also passed ALL developmental milestones for the FIRST TIME EVER! Yay!

He is talking non stop now, and you say the FUNNIEST things. Recent conversations include (yes, I recycled these from facebook, can you blame me?!):

Riley: where we going?
Me: We are going to the store to buy Travis some baseball socks ( I didn't dare tell him the name of the store, which distressed him, but it was Dicks. And the way he says things-you will see below- I figured he couldn't be trusted with that knowledge!
Riley: we NOT go buy Trav socks...he gots socks. We go Cot-co and eat samples.
The boy LOVES Costco and those free samples!

Another one...
Yelling out "Give me my nut-nuts!" when you were impatiently waiting for your chicken nuggets to cool off.

Riley put the sun in time out this morning. read that right...the SUN. "Mommy, sun in my eyes. NO SUN!!! NO SUN!!! You go time out...sun not listening". While laughing, I handed him his sunglasses, which he decided he didn't want to wear..."I not wear my sunglasses Mommy. Sun go away".

has been home all of 5 minutes, and Riley has managed to get the dogs automatic waterer jug off it's base and flood the laundry room. I find out when he runs to me (wet, because he sat down in it) and says to me "mommy, bisty may make mess. Wiley clean it up".

is slightly insulted that Riley refused dessert tonight. His reasoning? "dat dog doo-doo on dat plate"!

Isn't sure which was trying to hold my skirt down while pumping gas on a windy evening...or Riley yelling out as I did it," Mommy got gas!".

Yep, he's a funny little guy all right. He barks like a dog at people walking by, he has to have a truck in his bed every night when he lays down, he loves Costco (samples!) and Lowes Food (Riley-size grocery carts) and calls the hardware store the "Bob the Builder store". If he is playing outside, he is either pushing something (a stroller, cozy coupe or dump truck) or pulling a wagon. ALWAYS. If he wants to slide or swing, he will park them (HE has to park them!) right where he wants them, and then go slide or whatever. Then, he goes right back to the item with wheels. He uses what he is pushing/pulling to collect treasures as he is walking about: rocks, acorns, sticks, flowers for Mommy (Pink! for Mommy), the list goes on.

He likes to watch Chuggington, Handy Manny and "bull-dozer" (bob the builder) and loves anything Thomas the Tank. He has absolutely NO desire to potty outside of his diaper, but is FASCINATED when others use the potty. He cheers on his brother at baseball and basketball and whatever else his brother is involved in, and  thinks when Travis has a friend over, that friend is there to visit HIM! He just plays right along with them. Every school bus we see, he gets excited over, that Travis in on it, and he feels very special when he gets to go into Travis' school.  All people are either "little/big boys" or "little/big girls" depending on their size. Child/Adult has nothing to do with his description of them.

He loves splashing his feet in mud puddles, riding the big 4wheeler with mommy or granddaddy and knocking over trees and throwing rocks in the water.

He is 100%, all-around, BOY!


Anonymous said...

Riley, You are indeed a fun-loving and very special little boy. Even though you don't like dirt and wind, you are still all BOY! I love playing with you whether it be pushing the stroller outside to go on our adventures or making the "curve and tunnel" so you can play with your trucks. So Fun! Love you, Riley. Love, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Lindsey! You gave me so many laughs over Riley's conversations. It's all him, isn't it?? We love you, Riley! Love, Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh


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