Monday, January 10, 2011

Whoa! It's snow!

We were expecting a trace of snow to fall today, in the morning, and then some freezing rain later in the day. Instead, we woke up to find this:


So we hurried and bundled up and headed out the garage door.

It was snowing so hard, it was difficult to take pictures!

I gave up trying to get pictures, since the snow was falling so hard, and we decided to have some fun!

Oops! The snow made it hard to tell where the ditch was. Travis figured it out though!

He rewarded my laughing at him, by coming at me with snowballs!

Can you see Travis and I in the reflection in Riley's eyes?

Hmm, what else can we do for fun?

Ha! He rolled. look at all that snow. I'm quite sure that will all the falling and rolling off the tube that he did today, that he had snow down into his underwear! He loved every minute of it though.

No children were harmed in the making of todays snow day!

Lets go for a walk to check out the roads

It started to sleet some near the end of the day, and that wet the snow enough that it would stick together enough to build with, so Jay and Travis made a snow fort.

It was a very fun day! Riley was pretty serious about the snow. He didn't much care for walking around in it, but warmed up to it when our driveway was compacted from our walking/driving the golf cart on it. He loved tubing and riding the 4wheeler and golf cart though!

We were supposed to have our new stove delivered today also, as the oven on our old one was bad. So...last night, Jay and a friend took our old stove out (remember, we were only expecting a light dusting of snow! Nothing that should interfere with delivering the new stove), and set it outside . Well, needless to say, it is also covered in 6-7 inches of snow! AND the new stove couldn't be delivered today (hopefully tomorrow), so I some things that I could make into a decent crockpot meal instead though luckily.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a really fun day playing in the snow! The picture I love the most...Travis all snug and cozy in his snow just like him!! Hugs, Pauline


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