Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodbye crib

Today, Jay took down Riley's crib,and we put up a toddler bed for him. I had said I was going to leave him in his crib, until he climbed out of it! Well,it is probably the one thing he hasn't tried climbing in/out of in our entire house, BUT, he has begun to get his legs stuck in the slats almost every night. And of course that would have to happen around 3am every night. Yesterday, during his nap, he got his leg stuck badly enough, that he could have broken it. So...although he hasn't tried to climb out of his crib, for other safety reasons, we decided it was time to move him out of it.

Our friends had told us we could borrow the toddler bed they used for their son if we wanted. And considering Riley's current obsession, we thought that would work perfect! See for yourself!

Riley was so very helpful during the entire process...

All done! (the fish are now gone from the wall)

Travis thought it was pretty cool too!

Jay also got Travis' train table down out of the attic. Riley kept saying "oh cool!" to it

Still a few more things to do, but the room is rearranged now, and he seems to love it.

His little "coming home from the hospital" outfit that always hangs on his closet door.

Look how much he's grown!


He never got out of bed at bedtime. We'll see what happens as the night goes on, but there is a baby gate up in his doorway, so at least if he gets up, he can't wander the house!


Michelle said...

Very cute! Braden is really starting to love his "choo choos" too. What are you going to do when you have to give the bed back?

Michelle, Scott, Jason, and Braden

Anonymous said...

Awww, so Riley. Too cute! Can't wait to hear how the first night went!!?? Love, Pauline

Christie said...

Madelyn said "Whoa! Big Riley!".

Anonymous said...

Love Riley's new big boy bed! Perfect for him. Love Debbie, Gary, and Annaleigh


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