Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec 9:Big Kis-mas twee!

Oh how Riley loves the Christmas trees. His, Travis' and the big tree. He is often at one of them, inspecting an ornament or two. He likes to climb in the sleigh around the big tree, which he calls a boat, and inspect the hot wheels ornament hanging by it.

Something sweet to share...everynight, when Riley goes to bed...he will go to Travis, arms stretched WIDE and hug him and say "I luh you Tavis". Then he has to see "bisty may" (Misty)...and he kind of hug/pats her and says "nigh nigh bisty may...i luh you". Then he waddles back to his room sometimes to be put in bed, or he will come to one of us, and say "cray Riley bed" (carry Riley to bed).I love his little routine!

Travis let Jay yank out a seriously loose bottom tooth tonight. Not before he tormented me with it several times though. Ostomies/blood/guts/puke/gore/pus, NOOOOOO problem. Loose teeth? GAG/VOMIT! But its out now, so I'm safe until the next one is loose!

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Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Cute picture of your "Big Kis-mas twee" with the silhouette of Riley looking on! Love, Pauline


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