Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec 31: goodbye 2010

Today was a quiet, ordinary day. Jay did some work on our vehicles. Travis played with a friend (enjoying their new found freedom to ride their bikes back and forth between our houses ALONE...big boys), Riley did what Riley does best...ran around like a wild banshee most of the day, and I mastered the Rip Stick! Ok ok, maybe not mastered, but I rode it, all by myself, including starting and hopping off it, without falling! You'd have to try one to understand. Jay made me wear a helmet to do it, if that tells you anything! Travis was proud of me (only after I would agree to go down the incline of the driveway from the garage, really gaining speed,and getting on it by myself, not holding on to the van!). He even wanted to take a picture and video of me doing it. I'm a cool mom today to my 8 year old! I call that a good day!

Riley drove Travis' little gator all by himself today. He needs to work on his technique a little though, wouldn't you say?

He also drove it over Travis' skateboard ramps, which meant it was leaned all sideways. He thought that was hilarious. He's so hardcore it's scary sometimes!

We are still working on the police lego sets! Having lots of fun doing it though!

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Happy New Year to you, Jay, Travis and Riley! I can't hardly fathom that Riley is riding Travis' little gator over Travis' skateboard ramp...what a little dare-devil!! That's enough to make my stomach turn inside out (as Travis says, ""Mama" you are such a scaredy cat!" Have lots of fun today! Love, Pauline


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