Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec 25 & 26

Travis slept in his santa hat

He is such a good big brother! He was as excited for Riley, as he was for himself.

"Riley cookin'!"

Do these go here?

I think I'll sit here....(note: It's a with a removable insert, which Riley WAS playing with as a "boat" just prior to this picture"

Two little cooks

He makes EVERYTHING look easy!

Quilt I made for Jay's mom

Travis with his new gun...a "real" gun! It can be a 22, a 238, a 410 or a 20 gauge, because the barrels swap out.

"OPEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!"

Quilt I made for my mom

He was very proud of the big boy helmet

Travis, can ZOOM around on his new is how I rode it:

Jay...well...he went for a little ways, and then...

Playing with trains

Playing in snow

"Get dat 'no off Riley's feets!!!"

It would seem that Riley and I are in danger!

Keeping warm building lego's

Playing with the lego fire station that Mommy and Riley built

Travis is working hard on his police station

And I leave you with this.....(he's gonna LOVE these pictures one day!)

(he was VERY proud, even if they were over his diaper!)


Christie said...

Love the big boy pants! Riley looks like such a big boy!

Anonymous said...

Travis and Riley both look so happy with their new toys. I just love the way you and Jay ride Travis' new ripstick!! Love, Pauline


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