Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Riley is TWO!

Can you believe it?
And at his two year old checkup...for the first time, in his entire 2 year old life, I could answer 'no' to "has your child had any health issues recently". Sometimes,it's the little things that make me happy! When his pediatrician walked into the exam room. the very first thing she said was "Riley! You have had a haircut!". In typical Riley fashion, he was not very happy to see her. But I'd say overall, he handled the exam well. I still have hope that he will outgrow the fear of doctors!
The best news of today, was that Riley's weight is....get ready for it.....in the 50th percentile! That probably doesn't sound like a big deal But considering at one point his weight didn't even make the chart.... which starts at the 3rd percentile...this is AMAZING. His little bionic tummy is working well for him right now! His height, was in the 75th percentile, which was equally as amazing. Riley has "caught up". I never had my hopes up that he would, always trying to be realistic. But here he is...an AVERAGE two year old. I have never been so happy about one of my children being "average" in my life! It definitely brightened my day, on this, the 2nd anniversary of his flight to Durham. It helped lift the heavy weight in my mind of that memory a little bit.
The appointment DID reveal, that Riley is behind developmentally in a few areas, according to their standardized tests. He was behind in one area (speech) at his 18 month appointment, but that is certainly no longer an issue. Since he IS at high risk for developmental delays and future learning disabilities, we will be retesting him in a few months, and if he is still showing delays then, will move on to a specialist. While he is doing amazingly well, IF he has a true issue, it would be much better to be proactive and catch it early as possible and get him the help he needs. However, his being born at 37 weeks, makes him be considered "late preterm" by some standards, and so in a month, he may completely meet all the milestones they are looking for, which would be closer to his actual due date. So...we are taking a non-panicked, proactive approach as I am calling it. :)
Now on to the fun stuff. At two, Riley is:

  • talking like CRAZY. 
  • says some of the funniest things. If you ask him where ANYTHING or ANYONE is, he will respond "right there". Which sounds like "right thaaarrr". A little country boy.
  • He also, gets really excited about things, when they are pointed out to him, and will react with an enthusiastic "oh yeah!"
  • He loves trains. And trucks/cars.But especially trains. 
  • He is often found, lying on his belly, rolling a truck or a car or a train around on the floor beside him. 
  • He has finally learned to run consistently.
  • He says "hi ya!" when wrestling with Jay and Travis and also says "suflex!"
  • He pronounces Misty as Bit-ty . 
  • He still calls Travis "Bubba" but occasionally will say Travis now. 
  • He loves yogurt! He would eat it every meal if we let him. 
  • He is very rambunctious and noisy!
  • He slides down the big slide all by himself now, only being caught at the end, so he doesn't land on his bottom.
  • He is still addicted to his paci's, or Pa-pi's as he says. Blue paci in the mouth, green on the finger, and when he is tired, green is being poked into his eye, actually touching his eyeball.
  • He is very loving, giving hugs and kisses fairly easily. 
  • If you call him by name, he will respond "yes?" and if you don't say something, he will come running and say "Mommy, yes?". 
  • He says thank you (tank you) pretty much any, and everytime something is given to him. And has gotten so much better about saying please (peas).
  • He is still a daredevil. 
Watching Percy on TV
Playing with something with wheels...always
Let's eat!
mmmm, pizza!
He really seemed to enjoy unwrapping his presents this year
He kept saying that the cake was "hot"
He was helping
No children were harmed during this ride!

Riley bear, you are SO very loved, and I am unbelievably proud of how hard you and your little body work everyday to make you as amazing as you are. And even when you wake up waaaay earlier than I wish you would...I still thank God every day that you are here! 


Anonymous said...

Riley, happy birthday, it is such a wonderful joy to see you in these
pictures, you have come such a long,long way, it blesses my heart to continue to watch you as you grow. thank God for you, you are
truelly amiracle.

Anonymous said...

We love you Riley. I love to play with you. Keep your happy smiling face always. Love you, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Riley!!!


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