Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts

Today, for Mother's Day, I was given several gifts.
Handmade cards (which are my favorite)
Some new rose bushes from my boys.
Even a little bit of jewelry.
But my best gift? Having two HEALTHY boys.
Today, is not only Mother's Day, but the 3 month anniversary of Riley's SUCCESSFUL ostomy reconnection.

How about THAT for a gift?

Thanks Mom and Dad!

3 Months of "Normal" (as normal as he'll ever be!)


Erika said...

I've emailed you about my little guy before (Eddie) - he is almost at 3 months of successful reconnection as well. I gotta tell you - everyday is Mother's Day when your baby can poop into a diaper and not into a bag :) So glad to see Riley is doing so well - a miracle for sure!! Eddie is now officially done with TPN and his port was recently removed - to see his stomach with nothing but a few scars is amazing! I can't wait to tell him the story of how much of a fighter he was/is and about some of the Internet friends I got encouragement from :)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, So glad you had a Happy Mother's have so much to be thankful for. Can't wait to see all those roses in full bloom. Love all the pictures. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, Lindsey! Those boys sure are special! Love, Debbie and Gary


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