Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's go Indians!

Baseball season officially began last night with opening ceremonies, and today was the first game.

Travis' team is sponsored by a fire department, which makes for some pretty cool photos.

They bring the fire truck to the games (unless it's needed of course!)

Pretty awesome to some 7 & 8 year olds.

Riley wasn't as impressed with the photo op

My cutie #6

Today's game

Travis playing catcher (yes, that is him under all that!)


Ready and waiting on 1st base to run to 2nd

On 2nd cheering on his team mate at bat

All evening, after his game, he walked around singing "Travis is my's my game".


Anonymous said...

Hi Travis, It looks like you just had a great baseball day! Keep having fun with it. "Mama" is so proud of you. Love you, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Looks like Travis is all into "baseball". That's great, Love, Debbie and Gary


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