Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 18 Month day Riley Bear!

Oh Riley. How has it been 18 months already? A year and a half since I first saw your sweet face. Oh what joy you have brought to my life these past 18 months, even through the heartache and worry. Seeing numbers on a monitor improve, just from the sound of my voice, hours spent rocking you, because that was the only thing I could do, hours spent staring at you, holding your little hand. And now, you repay me by offering up that little hand and saying Mom-mee when you want to either go somewhere that you aren't sure of on your own, or you need help accomplishing where you want to go (steps,etc).
You say so many words now, I can hardly keep track. You love to say "bi bo" at the Big Boat across the street. And you have a certain sound you make for Big Trucks too, although no one else would know that is what you are talking about but me :o) . You LOVE airplanes and helicopters when they fly by, and squeal and point them out and want to be lifted up high to see them. That 4 day old trip through the Carolina blue skies must have left a lasting impression on you huh? You also eagerly point out the moon, whether night or day and say "moo". You recently rode the carousel at the mall, and at first wasn't so sure about it, but then you loved it, and fussed when the ride was over.
You walk around with this little determined walk, and just entertain us all with the things you get into (or onto).
You love to lift your shirt and touch your belly and grin, just to hear me say "look at that good looking belly" and tickle it.
You are still calling Travis "buh buh",and he loves it. He doesn't care that you call him bubba instead of Travis, as long as you are calling for him.
You call Misty "doggy" or "pup-pee" and you just love her. You also love to tip over her water bowl and dump her food bowl. Stinker.
You call cats "kitty kitty".
You now say Mom-mee instead of Ma-ma for the most part, and dad-dee instead of da-da. You also have begun to say Mee-ma for Mema which she just eats up.
You can ask for milk (mi!) and say thank you quite clearly, although I have YET to get you to say please. Asking for you to say please just gets a stare, sort of like this one:

You still give dirty looks when told "NO" and say "no-no" back at us, sometimes before you are even told no, or will tell Misty "no no" when she does something wrong. You also squeal out with indignation when told NO or when removed from a situation you shouldn't be in. You have begun to hit in frustration sometimes, sometimes it is at a person, and sometimes furniture. That is ALWAYS followed by a dirty look. That gets another NO from us.

You recently threw a fit in the public library, including yelling, squealing in a "leave me alone and let me do it" way, flung books all over the floor, while mommy picked those up, you threw a chair across the area, while I picked that up, you climbed up on the table and was stomping on it. Needless to say, it was time to go after that.

You have a cute little dance.

You give BIG hugs, and wet kisses and love to point out noses, eyes (gotta be careful with that one!) and mouths. You love to take your shoes off, and I was afraid we had lost one not too long ago, but thankfully, it had fallen in the bottom of the stroller.

You love your little bear, and are still quite attached to your paci's. Usually preferring to suck on a blue paci and put a green one over your finger. That's how you roll I guess.

If I try and get you dressed on the floor, this happens:

You scramble up and try to run away, just because you love when I tackle you back down. We have had lots and lots of fun these past weeks while I have been home with you, as you recovered from your ostomy reconnection surgery. 18 months is such a fun age, and I just want to remember every moment about you right now.

Things like your long fingers

How your still very fine hair is finally long enough to cover your ears at times

Those cheeks!

How long and lean you are

And that personality and smile!

I LOVE you, you handsome and sweet sweet SWEET boy!! Thank you for being you.
Love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, What sweet pictures of Riley! What beautiful memories to have and to hold forever. Riley, you have grown into a loving little full of life! Lindsey, enjoy every moment with your two sweet boys. Love, Pauline

Tooka said...

Look how the little man is growing!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lindsey, I loved looking at and reading this post on Riley. Such a sweetheart he is!! Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

He is doing so well! 18 months old already. Where does the time go?


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