Saturday, March 20, 2010

Play Ball!

Spring means Baseball season, and we are in the thick of it now!

Travis really really REALLY wanted his own bat. Well...let me back up. He HAS his own bat, but it is way too heavy for him. SO he really really REALLY wanted a bat that was the appropriate size/weight for him. :o) But...he had gotten really timid at practices, after having a SUPER first practice. SO, me being the mean old mom that I am, told him that he had to show he could put a shiny new bat to good use first.

He took it to heart. And what better day than today to prove himself. It was a beautiful day. And his head coach decided that they would work on hitting all practice today. He set up 4 different stations, had his assistants (which Jay would be one of) man them, and the kids practiced hitting and hand/eye coordination in several different ways.

Travis rocked it. I can't say he hit everything, all the time, but he went to every station, and proved that he puts his heart into it, wasn't timid and did GREAT. His coach said he improved.

So we went bat shopping. And he picked out a shiny, new bat. And came home and practiced with it, and did great with it also.

Misty happily fielded the balls

Riley took a hit

then ran away with the ball

Speaking of Riley...this is how he rolls at practice. In his little chair, eating.

Sometimes he gets a ball to play with


Anonymous said...

Travis, How lucky you are...a brand new shiny baseball bat! Keep hitting that ball! "Mama" is so proud of you! And that Riley...what can I say...those big brown eyes "say it all"! Keep hitting that ball and run with it! Love you sweet boys! Love, "Mama"

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Loved the pictures, and I'm sure Travis will continue to improve since he has his own "comfy" bat. It does make a difference, when they get used to swinging their own bat. He is a natural, and I just know he will be great. Riley, you are just getting sooo big, and I could just eat that dimple up! Love his shirt, to cute!!!!! Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Hugs to all,


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