Sunday, March 14, 2010

I wish I was this awesome

Do you see him?

In all his amazingly awesome, awesomeness?
No? Well take another look.

Did you smile? Could you not just eat that dimple?

Why is he so happy?
Because of this awesome guy.

Who blew bubbles endlessly, just because it made Riley so happy

Know who else is kinda awesome?

The little wonder dog of course

Riley had an appointment at Duke on Friday. We have some things to work on to try and help narrow down the cause of his occasional vomiting ( he has had episodes that I have not mentioned on here so as to not alarm the masses :o) ). Right now, it is not thought to be a surgical issue. The fact that Riley IS a short bowel kid, even if he rarely acts like one, was mentioned as a possible cause, and he could be intolerant to certain foods. So the quest to try and figure this out continues.


michelle said...

So cute! I got that shirt for Braden a few weeks ago, too! I just couldn't resist. Love the dimple and the brotherly love.

Michelle, Scott, Jason, & Braden

Anonymous said...

Both of your boys are awesome! I love it that they show so much "love" toward one another. Looks like they had lots of fun. Riley is a cutie in that shirt!! Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Love that Travis and that awesome! I can see Riley now chasing those bubbles and squealing with laughter and showing that dimple! Travis is such a sweet big brother to little Riley. Love to all, Pauline

brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...



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