Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finding our new normal, again

Riley is doing ok. One day last week, he vomited several times, after a day of obviously not feeling well, and then he quit and returned to "normal". Not sure what that was about, but we are muddling through. As much as he seems fine, he has several issues that hopefully will just take time to resolve. His body has proven time and time again, that it is incredibly adaptive, so we just have to wait for it to adjust. I've been asked several times why we basically seem so calm about his success. I always thought I'd be throwing a huge party when this day came, and apparently a lot of other people thought so also. But now that he's reconnected, I've realized that he's still just my Riley. The same little boy that has overcome incredible odds before, has done so once again, and has had his (and our) 'normal' change once again. I am incredibly proud and happy about this difference, but mostly I am just thankful. Thankful that he is a fighter. Thankful for living within a couple hours of one of the top 10 medical center's in our country. Thankful for poop. Thankful for friends and family that supported us and HIM, different or not. Thankful for the prayers of thousands of people, who never seemed to tire of his endless antics and setbacks. And thankful for a little boy, who is constantly asking for his "momma".

How about some pictures from the past several days....

He has become very independent lately, and no longer allows us to feed him with a spoon. He has to do it himself. Which can be rather messy, but overall, he does a good job.He also seems to be a lefty. We'll see if that continues. (he's using his right hand in this picture, he does switch it up time to time but always returns to his left hand. He makes a much bigger mess with his right hand, and does it nearly perfectly with his left)

The wonder dog

Pointing out planes

What? Donut? I don't know what your talking about


Anonymous said...

So nice to know that life is settling down again for your family. Last night was so much fun getting together and eating pizza and enjoying each other and seeing Riley and Travis interact with little sweet Annaleigh. The picture of Misty sliding down the slide is hilarious!!!! Love to you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

well say, Lindsey
May the journey now be a peaceful one for you and your family.


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