Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Op: Day 6 - The day of VOMIT

This will be somewhat brief and no pictures because I don't like taking pictures of babies vomiting or having pictures taken of me with vomit in my hair.

Riley began vomiting at 6am this morning. He vomited about every 30 minutes for 2 hours. We called Duke. They said it didn't immediatly sound like a bowel obstruction, so we could start at our local pediatricians office, versus driving up there and dealing with the ER just to (potentially) be told that he has a virus. So we went to the pediatricians. And I love them. We called on the way, told them Riley was less than a week post surgery,etc. They whisked us right in, out of the waiting area (less germs) and then right into a room.

He vomited while we were there. She examined him well, asked questions,etc. He had a very slight fever when we got there, but so slight, they hardly made notice of it. So we were sent back home to watch and wait. If its a virus, he'll begin to get better as long as we can keep him hydrated. Which became hard when he projectile vomited over a foot in the air above him. But we are doing our best, and hoping and praying praying PRAYING that this IS just a virus. It still COULD be something with his intestines. At any moment, his belly could puff up, fever spike, vomiting turn green. Those are the three hallmark things of GI issues: vomiting, fever, distended belly. We can't go by pain/discomfort with him, because he isn't normal in that area. So to say he is being watched closely is an understatement. We are proceeding as its something dangerous until proven otherwise. We have gone through more laundry today, than we did all last week while gone I think, including all the linens in his crib and our bed. He will spend the night in the pack and play, on chux pads, in our hallway, so that vomit will be contained on a hard surface floor, and I'll spend the night beside him, so I can hear him in case he chokes on it. he's not as mobile as he was pre-surgery, so I don't trust he could/would roll over fast enough to not choke. :o(

Praying for less (better yet, NO) vomit and more poop, and to keep him hydrated.


Tooka said...

We're praying for him.
The Pope's

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. It makes me feel so sad for Riley. Praying for him. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Poor Riley! Hope he gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Riley and hoping that he is feeling better soon. Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon Riley..We're praying
that you do.
Love, Auntie Cheryle,
Christina & Kayla

brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Dear Riley's "insides": please cooperate and do your job. You've given Riley enough trouble. It's HIS turn to play around and get into trouble and it's your turn to play nicely and behave. Remember, it's your job to take in food from the top, take out the good stuff for Riley, and send what's left through the bottom. That's it. No more of this foolishness.
The Myers

Anonymous said...

Dear Riley's Tummy
If you could handle a donut, you certainly should be able to help keep him hydrated with pedialyte. What's the deal?
You better settle down, and quickly. Both Riley and Mommy need some rest!

Anonymous said...

Praying that Riley overs all of this and feels better. Doris


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