Sunday, February 14, 2010

Post Op: Day 4 - All about brothers

Travis and my parents did make it up today. They left 7" of snow in their yard and drove up here, where there was maybe an inch? I feel bad that Travis won't really get to enjoy the snow. I think Travis was the best medicine ever for Riley though. He became a different child once Travis showed up!

He had his replogle tube removed this morning, which we were really desperate for, because it had begun to leak around the plug and was just a nasty messy mess. So the surgeon came by and out it came.

He was allowed to eat (drink?) clear liquids today, and by late afternoon, they expanded that to include milk. He will barely touch his sippy cup though. And a bottle? Forget it. So I spoon fed him milk, from a bowl, a whole bunch of times today. He also had chicken broth and jello. So far so good, no vomiting. He spent the majority of the day today out of bed, and even took a few tentative steps at one point. I have counted at least 12 diapers that were changed today, maybe a few more than that.

Here are pictures from today:
Jay ran upstairs and took pictures of the helicopter with snow on it just before they began brushing the snow off this morning.

Can you tell what Riley and I are looking at?

Do we look tired?

A surprise greeting at the elevators

Travis made a great card for Riley

Travis also added two balloons to Riley's collection (and a kissing monkey, which Riley has in his hand)

Travis offered his DS to Riley, which Riley gladly accepted

I think they missed each other

Sore belly?


Anonymous said...

The pictures tell it all...I love it! So glad that Riley and Travis could be together. I hope for another good healing day today for Riley. Way to go Riley, keep up the good fight! My love to you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all of you together. Riley, you are doing so good. Love, Debbie and Gary


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