Friday, February 12, 2010

Post Op: Day 3

Today began with us being over confident in how well the day would go. Riley slept from about midnight till 3am, and then 3am till 6am, and then fell back asleep again. The only reason he woke at 3 and 6, was due to the nurse coming in to do vitals. He slept soundly, not restlessly. We thought today was going to be a good day for him.

I guess it could have been worse, but well, we'll just be honest here. He was miserable all but about 2 hours today. We think it's due to gas. They stopped the suction on his replogle tube today (it is still in his nose though), so he wasn't having to process much gas. But today he did, and it hit him...hard. Hopefully that new connection has withstood the onslaught.

After one surgeon initially said Riley could have pedialyte today (which not surprisingly, he wouldn't touch), Riley's surgeon said NO WAY. Wait until tomorrow. The normal treatment path and Riley's treatment path will not be the same. So as long as he doesn't vomit overnight, he will be allowed clear liquids tomorrow morning, whenever we chose to start giving them to him. And it doesn't have to be pedialyte either. He can have juice or broth.So that should be much more successful. I think they will take out the replogle tube also, but not for sure about that. Shockingly, he has barely touched it or his IV so far, so we haven't had to put the No-No's on him yet.

He got out of bed several times today, and he seems quite comfortable moving around. He sat with me for a long time today, and we watched the helicopters come and go several times. Surprisingly, I didn't feel sick about it for once. Maybe I'm getting better. He loved them though. It sparked the most interest in him that we've seen since prior to surgery. Right now, he is sound asleep, although that won't last for long. He will be visited by his nurse soon. He had lots of visitors today also, which Jay and I enjoyed. He remained cranky with the visitors just as he does everyone else that enters his room.

My parents and Travis are supposed to come up tomorrow, but it's snowing at home and it' snowing here. So I guess we won't know until tomorrow morning when they will actually be able to make the drive. They will stay overnight, and Jay will go home with them on Sunday. Little miss Misty will be spending the weekend at Jay's parents.

Reading with Mommy

The small window of time today that he felt somewhat ok


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Riley is doing better. And yes it is snowing in Wilmington. About 3 inches from what I can see.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is snowing love you pauline ps we have no power

Anonymous said...

Riley, glad you feel a little better yesterday, hope today you will feel lots better. Doris

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that you will be able to enjoy your parents and Travis coming up today. Thinking about you, Debbie and Gary

Brad said...

I'm hoping that your increased comfort with the helicopters means that the worst of all of this is behind you guys.


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