Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec 13: cakes EVERYWHERE

This afternoon was completely consumed with Jay and Travis cooking and decorating cakes for their Father-Son Cake contest that is tomorrow night with Cub Scouts. They decided to make a USS Yorktown cake, since they just went camping on the USS Yorktown (an aircraft carrier) in South Carolina last weekend.

So, after a trip to the store to buy multiple cake mixes and icings and icing colorings (I did color the icing for them, but that was the extent of my help), the cake baking began.

Hours later, the cakes had all been baked and cooled and cut out, and now the decorating began.

My kitchen looked like a cake massacre for the majority of the day!

Snack break for Travis...cake making is hard work!

The final product!

I don't know if they will win or not, but I know they worked hard for hours today on it, and I am proud of them regardless! There are a couple little airplanes and helicopters of Travis' that they will put on it when they get there tomorrow night. I'll be sure and take picture of the truly final finished cake then!


Anonymous said...

I like your cake! I hope you win Travis and Jay! Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Looks like a winner to me! Love, Debbie and Gary


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