Tuesday, December 1, 2009

14 Months

Dear Riley,

Today you are 14 months old! You are so busy and active, you keep us all on our toes, trying to keep up with you. You have discovered that you can let go, and stand by yourself in place,and you are quite proud of yourself for doing so. Sometimes, you just let go of the couch, or whatever you have pulled up on, and play with a toy while standing there. Other times, you let go, squeal loudly to get someone's attention, and then THROW your arms up in the arm and just cackle with laughter. That always makes my heart feel like it's going to just explode out of my chest with pride over you.

You have always been quite fond of Travis, but this past month, you have become almost inseparable from him. Wherever Travis is at, and whatever he is doing, is where you want to be. You will sit up on the couch with him, and play with toys while he watches TV or reads, for an hour sometimes. If he goes to take a shower, you take off down the hallway after him. If we aren't where we can be back there to watch you, we have to close the bathroom door, to keep you out, as you will try your hardest to climb over in the tub with him, and your pretty close to succeeding! So you crawl down the hall, and bang and yell at the door.

In other news, you are really starting to look noticeably chubbier lately. I'm sure it has to do with all the food you have been eating. You are an eating MACHINE, and frequently eat more than Travis at any given meal. And you're a beggar. If there is food being consumed in your presence, you totally expect it to be shared!

You have 9 teeth...4 in the middle up top, 2 upper molars, a lower molar (right side) and the two middle teeth on the bottom. You have discovered how well all those teeth make for taking "little bites" of other people's food. See the beggar comment above.

You have added to your vocabulary quite a bit, although all words and gestures are totally done on YOUR time frame. So that means, that after leaving somewhere/someone, you may not say bye-bye until your in the car. And then, you will wave like crazy and say bye bye for a few minutes. Othertimes, as soon as I get to Pauline's to pick you up in the afternoon, as soon as you see me you start waving and saying bye bye. I'm not shocked at your lack of predictability. It comes honest and you've always been unpredictable. You now can say "bye-bye, Ma-ma, Da-da, buh buh(brother), boat, book, ball, more (said frequently during meal times - more, more MORE!), kitty kitty and Pauline says you have said thank you, but have yet to hear that one! All we get is MORE MORE MORE!

Your climbing skills continue to improve. Not so sure that is a good thing. I actually feared your climbing out of the crib a few nights ago, but thankfully you are a little too short for that yet. Once you are a little taller, we are in trouble though. You are quite the houdini though.

Your 14th month will be spent enjoying the holiday season. I hope you are as amazed by it's wonder as I am amazed by you!

Love you always,

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Anonymous said...

Riley, Riley, you are one very loveable and huggable 14 month old! I love every moment of the day that we spend together learning and playing with each other. Many hugs to Riley, Mommy, Daddy and Travis. Pauline


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